Post 2077: RAWR! Hey, Dougy!

“Hey, Dougy! Look what I just tore off the new bag of kitty kibble!” Yes, it’s the tear strip, and it is a favorite kitty “toy”!

First we have a good sniff…

…then, RAWR!

Another sniff – this is unbearably exciting for Dougy!

RAWR! Good fun!

16 thoughts on “Post 2077: RAWR! Hey, Dougy!

    • At one point, both liked playion with the empty cores. I’m not sure what happened that Dougy has a period where they scared him. He did get over that.

    • I noticed they were interested in the tear strip, once., when I opened a bag of their dry food. I offered it to the kitty boys, they showed it was amusing fun,. so I kept it (in a child-resistant medicine bottle… so they didn’t have unsupervised play with it and manage to chew and swallow a part of it!).

        • I still find it amazing how much fun they get from this throwaway tear strip! On the otehr hand, a $25 toy amused them at least five minutes before they figured it out and decided it wasn’t fun afterall. My sister’s late kitty boy got growly when anyone tried to take his toilet paper tube away from him…! The Nekko toys are about the only commercial toys that seem to have any lasting interest, though the mockingbird toys come close.

          • Good thing you’ve sorted them out, mate, which is and not so good. Bet it miffed a bit when the $25 toy didn’t hold the lads interest long? Haha!
            You mentining this, reminded me pf Cyril, the only time he ever growled, was when I fed him some boneless smoked mackerel – Gawd, he didn’t half relish it!
            Bless him, I miss him and Lady, so much still.
            Taketh care mate.

          • They stay with us in spirit, eh?! Curiously enough, the cat toy had this thing that randomly circled under a cover, changing direction from time to time to hold the kitty’s interest. The thing was a stick with a rubber/plastic “tail”, suggesting a mouse (I suppose) to the typical cat. The kitty boys managed to pull that off the toy, and they love, love, love that! I keep finding it here and there in the house, usually stepping (painfully) on it since the “tail” is stuck into a hard ball. As for the toy, which used five “C” batteries, it’s on the secrétaire in case the kitties ever get bored and want to play with it again. (I’ll g=have to find the tail first, of course!)

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