Post 1024: Here’s Andy…

I don’t know how long I’ll be in Scottsbluff getting the dialysis fistula emplaced and the catheter currently used for dialysis replaced (two separate processes and two separate surgeons) or how goofy I’ll be after anesthesia and for how long, so I’m putting together this little “dose” of kitty photos, featuring portraits of Andy, to tide you over till I’m able to function rationally again.

Here's a new photo of Andy. Notice that his "horns" are up! Oh! Oh!

Let’s start with this photo from yesterday as a point of reference. Horns up!

Pretty decent, but...

Pretty decent, but…a cluttered background.

Woohoo! Noble Andy will save our world!

Woohoo! Noble Andy will save our world!


50 thoughts on “Post 1024: Here’s Andy…

    • Thanks! I especially appreciate your comment since you have one of the better nature blogs I’ve found. The Dutch doesn’t always translate very well with Google translate, but it’s always well enough that I can figure out the meaning. Anyway, I really enjoy your blog! The photography is excellent, too.


    • All went well in the surgery, and I have very little discomfort from them. In fact, though the surgeon wrote out a prescription for Percocet to deal with the pain, all I’ve needed was a little Tylenol yesterday. I just haven’t had much pain from it., I’m a bit amazed!

      Yes, Andy is a bit regal! Maybe I should have called him LeRoy, the Anglecized verson of “Le roi”!


    • Yes, and I am grateful that plain aspirin is taking care of what little pain and discomfort I have. My surgeon gave me a prescription for Percocet, which is like a cannon ball for a BB problem. I won’t get it filled.


    • Yes, they did! I think the boys look really hot the closer they get to natural Persian hair length. If matting wasn’t a problem, I’d let the go “full Persian”. They are smoke Persians, a very pretty variation, but the full effect requires going “full Persian”.


  1. When I woke, the very first thing I did was pray for the procedures to go well and for you to be able to return home to the best possible life asap.
    Be well, Doug!


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