Post 1023: sun’s shining on a snow-covered May Day…!

We had a snowstorm yesterday, putting down many tree branches across town, knocking out power, and making my trip to the dialysis unit a bit treacherous. At one point, on Box Butte Avenue (the main street and the road to the hospital), I had to stop and back up because the way was blocked by a broken branch across the road.

For those who live in nice places without snow, a spring snowstorm usually is wet, heavy snow. If the trees have begun to leaf out or are in flower, the snow usually weighs the branches down to the ground, often breaking those with any weakness from rot or rodent damage. (Squirrels eat the bark, killing the branches, which then are vulnerable to breakage….!) It’s these wet, heavy spring snowstorms that cause heart attacks when old, out of shape guys try to clear the walks and driveways of their homes, too, so I’m glad that’s done by my landlord!dave's chicks and ducksHere’s what it looked like up in  the north part of the county at my friend Dave’s place just outside of Hemingford. That’s a fancy chicken house he won in a contest for producing a video about why he deserved to win the chicken house — a well done one, too, speaking as someone who knows about these things! — that the makers of the chicken house judged to be the best submitted.

Another friend, Marty, took this photo of a street in Alliance:marty jonesNotice the broken branch. Woe be to those who parked under a tree! I saw one pickup with a huge branch across it. April 31st, 2016. Ugh!


Andy and Dougy stayed inside, of course, though Andy licked up the water from melted snow on the door sill. Mostly they enjoyed a host of pine siskins and American goldfinches at the feeder outside the dining room window. The fir outside the back window kept them busy as well since the birds had to go somewhere when they weren’t at the feeder.

Andy (left) and Dougy press closer together. They are safer that way!

Andy (left) and Dougy like the snow in different ways. Dougy wants to explore it; Andy just wants to taste it.

I did some wash in my new machine. The boys were fascinated by what they saw in the window of the washer, which is kitty level. Andy was especially brave, which surprised me since he is the more timid of the two. Dougy was spooked by any new noises coming out of the machine, though he ran away then came back for more spooking.

I’m doing more washes in my new machine today, Sunday, since I have the time and the loads that need washing. Andy and Dougy, of course, are helping me by observing me and making sure that nothing unacceptable to kitties happens. Nice to know I’m safe from things unacceptable to kitties!


The first photo was posted on Facebook by Dave Minich. The second photo was posted on Facebook by Marty Jones.

Here's a new photo of Andy. Notice that his "horns" are up! Oh! Oh!

Here’s a new photo of Andy. Notice that his “horns” are up! Oh! Oh!