Post 1031: low blood pressure…

There seems to be no end of icky things the body can fall prey to, and I seem to glom onto the oddest of them. Yesterday, I was feeling the effects of low blood pressure: a bit of dizziness, weakness, that feeling I get before fainting. It came on while I was waiting to be hooked up for dialysis. I mentioned it to the nurse, who took my blood pressure reading and verified I was outside “normal”.

They have a prescription medication for me at dialysis for low blood pressure, which is good because they won’t let me leave at the end of treatment if my blood pressure is lower than 90/60, which it was three times before I got to leave yesterday. I tell you this so you understand why I didn’t post yesterday: With low blood pressure, I felt much better stretched out on my bed than in any other position, so I took a rest.

My pretty boy Andy!

My pretty boy Andy!

My kitties, of course, came to my bedroom and kept me entertained until I conked out. Andy dozed on my walker, and Dougy walked on me, stopping to knead me from spot to spot. Cats!

Today is “spa day” for the boys. Given my light-headedness from yesterday — I feel a touch of weakness today, too — I was concerned I might not be able to catch the cats to put  them in the carrier.

Dougy poses nicely for thius profile shot.

Dougy poses nicely for this profile shot.

My fears were unnecessary! Dougy walked up to me at the computer, and I reached down and picked him up. No problem! Andy was on a favorite box perch in the kitchen. I walked up to him, reached down and picked him up. Again, no problem! I had the boys in the carrier all within two or three minutes. I got them to the groomer fifteen minutes early.