Happy Birthday Anna

Not only did Mr. Bowie the Belgian cat have a birthday today, so did another favorite Internet cat, Anna, one of the Oldcat household. Rhea and Davout, two other beautiful cats make up the rest.

Both this blog and Mr. Bowie’s are great fun to follow if you enjoy cats!

Post 1035: To Scottsbluff for port maintenance…

Dialysis is pleasant enough, but the port used till the dialysis fistula matures is a pain. Mine needs a “tune-up”, which I have to go to Scottsbluff, 57 miles away, this morning. The surgeon will give me a local block. I don’t think they will knock me completely out unless they replace it. I wanted to drive my new car down, but they told me they’d do the procedure without pain-killer if I did….! (A pretty effective way to getting me to do what they want!)

Could have been worse, though. If the port had failed to work at all, the hospital here would have sent me to Scottsbluff by ambulance since it would have been a medical emergency instead of just a pain in the butt slow drawing port.

On the kitty front, both Andy and Dougy woke me up hours before the crack of dawn. Andy stared at me. Dougy kneaded me and purred in great contentment. I skritched Andy’s chin like he likes it and pet Dougy from nose to tail the way he likes it. What else could I do? They held me captive in my own bed!

Well, Andy's no more suspicious than usual. Trust me!

Peek-a-boo! Andy sees me!

The emperor...!

Dougy will fill his boxes!