Post 1100: detente…

It’s been a on-again-off-again week for the boys, with squabbles over who gets to walk where and who got here first issues. They must have got their naps, however, because this morning Dougy stepped over Andy on the computer shelf and there was no squabble. Whew!

Andy sat there while Dougy stepped over him.

Andy sat there while Dougy stepped over him.

"Oh! Hi, brother!"

“Oh! Hi, brother!”

Dougy just wants to look out the window.

Dougy just wants to look out the window.

Andy just wants to see what I'm doing on the computer.

Andy just wants to see what I’m doing on the computer.

Maybe today will be a quiet day!

Maybe today will be a quiet day!

20 thoughts on “Post 1100: detente…

    • Finally! They responded well to a suggestion to opening the door for their entertainment. During the hot spell, the door’s been closed mostly for the air conditioner.

  1. Good grief, the boys are really acting up. Is it a full moon? It would be a full moon here too and everything is fine here. We had visitors staying for a week so Shoko spent the days outside only coming in to eat and sleep. She is a very shy girl. Don’t think she cares for visitors but she was starting to warm up to them when they left. Kali enjoyed the visitors and soaked up all the attention.

    Great idea to show the bite to a nurse as if you are like me, my immune system doesn’t work worth a sh– anymore. Of course, this is what the doctors are aiming for .


    • Andy and Dougy are that! Thanks! I had nothing to do with them turning out to be so pretty…they were so ugly as kittens that they were cute, then they grew up to be beautiful!

    • Once again, my cats sdeem to be channeling your cats! Andy beat up Dougy, biting out a big chunk of kitty fur before I separated them, then, later, when I caught Andy to give him his blood pressure medicine, he bit me!

      They have up-to-date shots, so I just made sure to clean the bite thoroughly, apply an antiseptic gel, and a bandage. I will, of course, watch it closely for infection.

      Since I see nurses three times a week at dialysis, I will show them the wound and make sure I have their advice in mind if there needs to be anything else done. I had tetanus shot just a short time ago in Denver.

      In addition, the PA (Physician’s Assistant) I go to comes to review blood test results with us patients. She also asks if we have any concerns she needs to know about. I will mention the puncture wound to her as well if the nurses feel it’s necessary.

      The dialysis nurses tend to be super cautious since we dialysis patients can be fairly fragile: two long term patients have died since I began dialysis at that unit. Not to suggest I am not doing well – I am! – but that’s the reality we live with.

        • My recent illness and rehabilitation made that very clear to me….! They were well cared for while I was gone, but Persians like lots of contact with their human, and they moistly were alone while I was gone. They wouldn’t let me out of their sight when I first got back and they were very clingy!

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