Post 1245: must be a video day…

I managed to lose some photos I’d planned for today’s blog. The best way to recover them is to execute Plan B (videos from the past). The missing photos will show up as soon as I post this!

Anyway, the old videos of Andy and Dougy are a popular occasional feature here, so I don’t feel guilty when I recycle them for the majority of people who’ve never seen the kitty boys in motion. 


Hope you enjoy these videos of the kitty boys!


18 thoughts on “Post 1245: must be a video day…

    • You are welcome. There has been a huge increase in follows since last April, and I have updated the pages at the top and have posted videos from time to time to help the new people get a richer feel for what the kitty boys are like. I appreciate your comment because it lets me know the effort was helpful to the newer people, just as I intended!


    • Andy is shy about playing when Dougy’s involved, too, but has lots of fun when he’s the only kitty playing, as that video shows. All we were playing with was a piece of paper folded over several time lengthwise.


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