Saying Goodbye

We all deal with this eventually. By coincidence, I just learned this morning that Pepe the tuxedo cat, one of my neighbor’s kitties, died. She had him from two weeks old (his mother was run over by a car), and I believe she said he was 19 years old art death. He was a beautiful kitty, a sweet-natured and well-behaved kitty. He made a little appearance in this video:

40 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

  1. I’ve been there many a time over my life, wrestling with the right time. All my deepest sympathy to your neighbor and her tuxedo kitty Pepe. 19 is a ripe old age, and Pepe feels no constraints or aches and pains of age now. I can slip more flowers into Elbert’s garden for him.

    • That would be a nice gesture, and Pepe’s human would be very touched and appreciative. She misses him a lot. My late brother and I used to call him “spy cat” because every time we came or went some place, he’d be in the window our outside on the patio watching us. It was our little in joke. (That said, I immediately thought, “I should call Dick and tell him about Pepe….” I miss my brother a lot for moments like this.)

    • Glad to see you on WordPress again Ruth!I’ve followed you.

      Yes, this is a post I could have used in past, and I thought it was worth posting since most people following this blog will have to deal with this in time, including me.

  2. Pepe looks a lot like Mr. M, so I automatically assume he was a wonderful tom.
    Hitting ‘like’ on a post like this doesn’t exactly convey the correct sentiment, but (to the best of my knowledge) that is the only sentiment allowed. SO, I clicked ‘like’, but I only liked that Pepe was being acknowledged.
    Hope you and the boys have a great day.

  3. The right time… that’s always a tough call and never gets any easier. Consultation with my vet helps but doesn’t make it any easier… but when you get “the look” you know in your heart it is the right thing to do. R.I.P. Pepe.

  4. We had only one pet , a dog, in the years 60-70. When she died, put on sleep ” in extremis ” I had so much pain I never wanted to have another pet . I posted about a few times on Xanga between 2002 and 2015..
    So I understand what your neighbor feels .
    BTW , Doug , I would like to have your opinion about the picture of the cart drawn by a horse near a village of France ! 😉 I was waiting for it.
    In friendship

    • I hope this post helped others deal with the deaths of pets or with the inevitability of having to deal with those losses. I know I dread Andy and Dougy dying, but the joy they give us in life comes with the sad realization one will have to make decisions at the ends of their lives that are uncomfortable or just unbearably sad.

      I saw it and thought it was a charming scene, one that probably is a rarity these days. I don’t think I commented on it on Facebook or WordPress, but it was a scene that brought a smile to my face. It reminded me of Hunawihr in Alsace, which still had scenes like that in the 1970s.

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