Saying Goodbye

We all deal with this eventually. By coincidence, I just learned this morning that Pepe the tuxedo cat, one of my neighbor’s kitties, died. She had him from two weeks old (his mother was run over by a car), and I believe she said he was 19 years old art death. He was a beautiful kitty, a sweet-natured and well-behaved kitty. He made a little appearance in this video:

Post 1354: a quiet day at the front door…

It was cool today, but I opened the door so the kitty boys could enjoy a little door fun.


Dougy stops by after he hears the door opening.

Andy greets Dougy and they absorb the exciting things at the door.


“Hello, Dougy!” “…and to you, too, brother!”

This bit of debris tracked in on my shoes especially interested the kitty boys!

Andy had kitty business to do, but Dougy watched out the door for a bit longer.

Dougy is vigilent.

Dougy decided this is more comfortable.