Post 1349: Trespassing forbidden!

Andy and Dougy regularly spar over places they claim.


Dougy’s enjoying a quiet moment on his ottoman.


What?! What!? What!? Dougy’s kitty sense is tingling…


Dougy steps down to “discuss” the rules around his ottoman. (Technically, Andy hasn’t trespassed, just stepped “too close” to it, as defined by Dougy. That distance changes on Dougy’s whims….)

Dougy feels he’s made his point, so goes off for some kitty food. When he comes back, Andy is positioned to take a run through “Ottomanlandia”, which he does and succeeds!IMG_20170330_042117

Shortly after, Dougy follows him into the guest bedroom, where they both share a snooze on the guest bed. The kitty boys are brothers after all!

Post 1348: the bad [kitty] boys of Lane 2…

We have some bad habits here on Lane 2, and I confess I contribute to the mayhem….


Dougy destroys furniture, including his ottoman. Bad kitty!

I oftentimes eat breakfast in the living room while watching the early news. Bad boy! I put the plate on the floor, which attracts Andy…

…and Andy licks my plate clean, especially if he finds milk or butter on it. Bad kitty!

Yep, the bad boys of Lane 2. Tsk! Tsk!


On a happier note, mug contest winner Ellen features her new Andy and Dougy mugs in her blog today. Take a peek! Phoebe the kitty says, “Hmm. bad kitties. Mrow!”

Post 1347: quality time…

Some days, it seems nothing I do satisfies Dougy. He whines and scratches on my arm or the chair and expects something from me. “What? What!? WHAT?! Tell me, Dougy!”


Other times, all Dougy wants is a good “scritching”. Yeah! I can do that, Dougley!

Post 1346: old toy, new toys…

A slow start on the day today. Again. Then I opened my mail and found new toys for the kitty boys! [Thanks, Ellen! Andy says “Mrow!” I’m sure Dougy will, too!]


I pulled out an old toy last night, and Dougy and Andy took after it like it was new. They do get tired of toys sooner or later, but some toys have new charm after spending time put away.

An old favorite. Dougy and Andy love, love, love it…again!

Then, there are the new toys, thanks to mug contest winner Ellen. She sent the kitty boys some charming toys I’ve barely had time to introduce to the kitties. Well, Andy has played with them and Dougy will get his chance when he gets up from his catnap!

Can’t wait to get Dougy’s impression of these toys from Ellen. Andy approves of them! Perfect for batting around and mouthing!

Post 1345: moving slowly on Monday…

I usually put my blog post together early in the morning. On good days, I have photos ready. On slow days, I have to wait till something, anything happens. Today is such a day.


Dougy watches while I edit the blog. “Slow” becomes “slowly”, which describes how the blog’s coming together as much as how the three of us are moving!IMG_20170327_023306

Andy watches Dougy doing nothing. In time, the two will have a vigorous chase through the apartment, but for now we’re moving in slow motion.

Monday drags on slowly!

Post 1344: my kitty boy supervisors…

Andy and Dougy make sure they know where I am all the time. I am under surveillance as long as I am in the house, and there is a kitty boy greeting committee waiting for me when I return home from outside trips. The kitty boys never know when there are treats or play or other kitty pleasures in it for them, but they definitely want to be available just in case!


Andy watches me from the glider. Since he hasn’t had his medicine yet, he’s just outside of touching distance. Smart kitty!

Of course, the recliner is the perch of choice lately (for everyone, kitty or human), so Andy hops up where he thinks he is safe.IMG_20170325_112847 (1)

Dougy came over, discovered Andy was already on the recliner with me, so hopped over to the computer chair. Andy held his spot!

What Andy didn’t plan on was me reaching up and grabbing him. He still was a very good kitty when I gave him his medicine, but I doubt he’ll perch on the recliner again until he’s had his medicine. Not if I’m in it!

Post 1343: Caturday ~ What Dougy needs is a good “scritching”!

Caturday generally is a slow moving day, as if we move fast around here any day. One thing we do do, though, is make sure the kitty boys are spoiled rotten and get plenty of “scritching”!


Dougy says “Purr!”

Post 1342: meet the other Andy and Dougy contest players…

Though you know the winner of the Andy and Dougy contest, there were several others who played.  

Dougy loves kitty food. Duh!

Two, my friends Judy and Deborah, played well, though both had to be encouraged to try. Judy felt she might have an unfair advantage since she’s actually spent lots of time in person with the kitty boys. Deborah just needed encouragement to try for better or worse. You know her through her story about taking her three kitties to Paris.

Andy suspects I want to pick him up and give him loving! “No way!” he says.

The fourth best guesser, Libby, writes The Sidewalk:

She says it best: The Sidewalk is an online newspaper I started last summer. I cover issues and topics which are important to me and I strive to do so in 500 or less words. A little bit about me for now…I have an eclectic set of interests and concerns that I intend to cover. I love history, music, cities, nature, animals, old buildings and trains. I am passionate about the environment, but I also care deeply about social, economic and health issues as well as green innovations. I guess that puts me in the sustainability realm. I still have so much research and self-education ahead of me. I just keep writing mini-articles on subjects I care about. Things are changing rapidly in the geo-political world and, although this is not a political blog, I have been reporting on policies, particularly environmental and social policies, which will most likely need to be revisited and covered again. I am up for the challenge and hope in some way to help make a positive impact in the way that we all can, as individuals, if we are passionate.

Take a look!


Dougy takes a gander…is Andy coming? (Or is it Andy spotting Dougy? Hee! Hee!)

What happens when the inmates take over the asylum? Sort of what you find in:

Only the “inmates” are cats. Written in “Cattinese”, you find out what the kitties are up to when you back is turned, and when it’s not! Lots of fun, yet produced by a kind heart who posts memorials to late pets. If you are an animal person, you’ll get it. If you follow my blog, I suspect you are a potential reader of this blog, too!

Andy begins his post lunch stroll.

Amy guessed well for a person new to the Andy and Dougy world. Her blog, , is more for the dogs. I like it for the change from kitty boys. I mean, cats, cats! cats! Some days I need to take a look at dog blogs so I don’t forget I like dogs, too, especially those in Amy’s blog! And, oh yes…Amy is a dog groomer! I bet she recognizes the teddy bear cut my kitty boys get every other month because it – secret between you and me –  actually is a doggy haircut style! Yes! I kid you not!

Andy gives me the eye….doggy haircut style???

Do the names Shoko and Kali strike a bell? If so, you are a reader of !  If not, follow that link to find out how two kitties came from the streets to become beautiful, well-loved residents of Jeanne’s home. Subtitled “Meezers at Large”, this blog shows how unwanted cats can find a “happily ever after” life with a person who finds them at the local shelter or through fostering. This is one of my favorites, and Jeanne is one of my favorite people for her caring way with kitties.

Dougy’s enjoying the warm weather…and the open front door!

I can’t say enough about Lavinia’s blog, . Though it comes out only once a month, it is a lot like “Prairie Home Companion” – a bit of music (Lavinia and her husband Rick are musicians and recording artists); updates on the venerable family Subaru that has a zillion miles on it; news from the cats of Salmon Brook Farms; news on how the garden and vineyard are doing; and much more. It is one of the more satisfying reads you’ll find on the Internet, and you’ll wish it were longer and more frequently updated!


Thank those who entered the contest! It was fun for me, and I hope you enjoyed trying your hand at identifying the kitty brothers. It’s not impossible, just sort of! MOL! 

Post 1341: the kitty boys look forward to open doors…

Andy and Dougy love the warmer weather of the season because I open the doors to let in fresh air. Fresh air! Mmmm! Delicious! 

And an occasional accidental fly, miller, cricket, or spider wander in. Prey, you know! The kitty boys keep the place free of unwanted insects and arachnids. Fresh prey! Mmmm! Delicious!


There’s change in the air. A surprise in the flower bed out front caught me off guard – I didn’t plant it!IMG_20170321_123250

And the kitty boys were very interested in why I photographed these planters that were made in Crete. (I photographed them to show my friend Deborah what they look like.) I’m thinking about growing tomatoes in them this year. Maybe. IMG_20170321_131925IMG_20170321_131914

Later, the boys cleaned up at the “watering hole” after a light snack.

Not an exciting day, but a pleasant one just the same. Fresh air is the magic ingredient.

Post 1340: And the winner of the Andy and Dougy mugs is…

…Ellen P. of 15andmeowing ! Ellen got 14 of 16 Andy’s right!

Enjoy Andy and Dougy’s mugs on your mugs, Ellen!

 I don’t know how to characterize Ellen’s blog other than to say it is cat-terrific! She reviews kitty products; shares her list of follows on a special page so you can easily find other cat-centric blogs (as if we ever can find too many, eh?); and is very involved in promoting charities that benefit our fur buddies.

Congratulations, Ellen! As soon as you tell me where to mail them, I’ll send you the Andy and Dougy mugs, first (and only) prize in my first ever  (and probably only) blog contest!


The correct answers now can be found on the contest page. It goes without saying (so I do!), the contest is officially over.