Post 1352: “Get this show on the road!”

Dougy and I wore off a little of his energy with a brisk game of wand toy, then he wandered off to get a bite to eat. Now it’s Andy’s turn.


Andy stopped by to give me a message.

Get this show on the road!”

He stopped by the recliner to watch kitty videos. I mean, the laptop was out and surely it was so he could watch birds and squirrels!

I wasn’t planning of putting of a kitty video, but, well, cats rule the roost here, so…! Andy “scooched” over to the far arm, perhaps to get that “distant, looking out the window” perspective. The laptop screen is a window, eh?!


That didn’t last long. He moved over to the seat.

Big fat juicy pigeons! Andy love, love, loves this video! MROW!