Post 1350: big, fat, fluffy…snow!

March went out like a lion cub here. Yes, we had big, fat, fluffy snow, the favorite of all in this household! Soft, melts pretty much on contact, doesn’t have to be shoveled. What’s not to like? 


The kitty boys are fascinated by snow. They never tire of seeing it, and have loved snow from the first time they experienced it as kittens. The last snow of March was no exception!

Andy led the charge to the door to see the snow, but Dougy came by shortly and took a better look out the door.

Dougy took a easy seat on the box. Andy wandered off to his own better seat, then Dougy left briefly when the snow let up.


Andy climbed on the dining room table to get a better look, but the snow let up before he tried to hop over onto the window sill. Show’s over!

Or is it?! Dougy takes another look.