Post 1364: Andy and Dougy’s mousebreath blog interview

Andy and Dougy recently revealed all on mousebreath blog. Click on the link under the photos to see what these cheeky brothers had to say!



18 thoughts on “Post 1364: Andy and Dougy’s mousebreath blog interview

  1. We almost missed the interview! WP is not always showing your posts in our reader 🙁 For some reason or another, we could not leave a comment or like on Mousebreath’s blog … Wonderful interview guys. We got to know you even better. Happy blogging, The ZAB team.

  2. The interview by the funny farmer felines is really funny. The two vacats are becoming humorous international stars ! ! 🙂
    Thanks for your comment ….on facebook.
    In friendship

    • Well, this is the sixth interview the kitty boys gave or participated in, so they are settling into their role of minor international cat celebrities….! Glad you enjoyed the interview, GP! Andy and Dougy send their “mrows” to one of their favorite people!

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