Post 1365: Dougy loves peacock feathers!

Most toys end up ignored after awhile, but the kitty boys never tire of peacock feathers! I try to have a few around at all times. Dougy especially likes me to bring one out. It rarely survives intact for one play, but that’s no problem: A feather is fun, fun, fun as long as there’s anything left!


It isn’t long before the game moves to the floor!

After one play for this feather….


16 thoughts on “Post 1365: Dougy loves peacock feathers!

    • LOL! I’m not so sure Dougy could resist a peacock feather attached to the bird or not. The kitty boys have little experience with the real world, so I suspect Mr. Peacock would have to enlighten them…!

    • That’s a fact! We play with them until they are shreds. The kitty boys, in fact, prefer the shaft part more than the other end, so once the feather is shredded down to pretty much the shaft, the real play begins!

  1. My cousin live with her mother. My cousin owns an Green Amazon Parrot and my Aunt owns 6 indoor cats (i use own guardedly it is more like they reside with ’em) anywho, the cats think Paco’s tail feathers are better than cat nip for a playing frenzy. The peacock feathers fit the exotic beauty of your boyz. Happy Easter to all three of you. ~~dru~~

    • Thanks, dru! I hope you had a great Easter as well! I can only imagine how your Aunt’s Paco deals with the kitties when it comes to his/her tail feathers! Parrots tend not to put up with bs! LOL!

    • Yep, shred, claw, scratch, chew! For the most part boxes they can get in don’t get chewed, but all smaller ones, pieces of paper, magazines, and other mouthables are at risk in this household. I do have to kitty proof the place to some extent.

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