Post 1363: Dougy hangs out…

Dougy knows how to relax. Of course, his favorite place to hang out is his ottoman.



22 thoughts on “Post 1363: Dougy hangs out…

    • I almost missed the interview myself, so thanks for alerting me to pay attention when I went through my emails! I hope you enjoy the antics of the kitty boys, though tomorrow’s post is a reblog of the mousebreath interview. On the other hand you can use tomorrow scroll back through earlier posts and interviews. There also are Andy and Dougy videos on YouTube (on phainopepla 95 channel) and periodically posted on this blog.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy the antics of the kitty boys. The boys can be told apart by the color of their eyes, their physical builds, and certain behaviors. Andy’s eyes are yellow, Dougy’s are orangey-brown. Andy is slender built, with a narrower head than Dougy, who has a flatter, more Persian face and a stockier build. Dougy claims the ottoman and Andy claims the computer desk shelf, behind the all-in-one machine. Both claim the recliner!There was a contest recently to identify the kitty boys. The 30 photos now have identification of the kitty boys noted.

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