Post 1431: “Horns”!

Dougy’s “horns” are up. Uh oh!


31 thoughts on “Post 1431: “Horns”!

  1. Always love your videos of the boys and sorry you are having an off day. Think we all do as we age. This is Ruth and I have a new computer-Dell not apple-and Word press likes it-so I have started another blog. I am not having the trouble I had with the apple computer.


    • Thanks for letting me know! I always enjoy you of Facebook, and I sent you a thank you for following this blog a short time ago. I didn’t see a place to follow you, however, so you may b=need to check your widgets (I think it is) to make sure you have a “follow” option on your new blog. (I like your new blof name!) Yes, it seems l;ike you’ve had at least four blogs since I’ve known you, and they all crashed or had some sort of problem. I am hopeful this time things continue to work ofr you! Also, with your guinea pigs, birds, that cute granddaughter, and your own special viewpoint, you have a ton of material to put up on your blog! Best wishes, Ruth!


    • My cousin – the one who owns and produces that paper – visited the night before last, and I showed her that video of Dougy destrouying her paper! I think she thought it was funny. (I hope!)


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