Post 1431: “Horns”!

Dougy’s “horns” are up. Uh oh!


31 thoughts on “Post 1431: “Horns”!

    • My cousin – the one who owns and produces that paper – visited the night before last, and I showed her that video of Dougy destrouying her paper! I think she thought it was funny. (I hope!)


  1. Always love your videos of the boys and sorry you are having an off day. Think we all do as we age. This is Ruth and I have a new computer-Dell not apple-and Word press likes it-so I have started another blog. I am not having the trouble I had with the apple computer.


    • Thanks for letting me know! I always enjoy you of Facebook, and I sent you a thank you for following this blog a short time ago. I didn’t see a place to follow you, however, so you may b=need to check your widgets (I think it is) to make sure you have a “follow” option on your new blog. (I like your new blof name!) Yes, it seems l;ike you’ve had at least four blogs since I’ve known you, and they all crashed or had some sort of problem. I am hopeful this time things continue to work ofr you! Also, with your guinea pigs, birds, that cute granddaughter, and your own special viewpoint, you have a ton of material to put up on your blog! Best wishes, Ruth!


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