Post 1430: Peacock feather time for Dougy!


Like the French for food, Dougy puts high value on presentation. Flash the feather in his face…meh! Hide it under the glide ottoman…YAY!


It’s mostly in the open, but Dougy loves to reach under things to get his “prey”.


PurRrrrrRrrrrrRRRR! Oh, does he love to stick his paws under things to feel his “prey”! It’s almost better than “catching” it!


24 thoughts on “Post 1430: Peacock feather time for Dougy!

    • I suspect the peacocks would have a better time after the first time Dougy tried to catch the feather! LOL! Of course, the two kittens may have wised the peacocks up to the intersts of cats in those lovely feathers.

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    • Oh dear! That was a lovely but ill advised idea! I can’t put out Christmas decorations any longer because of the kitty boys. I have a nativity set made in Nepal of felt figures of the holy family. Little Baby Jesus is the same size (and almost shape!) of a toy mouse the kitty boys love, love, loved as kittens, and … well, it just isn’t right subjhected Little Baby Jesus to the maws of savage kitty cats! LOL!

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