Post 1534: Listen up!

Listen up!

There is some confusion – again! – about the name of this blog. Once again, weggieboy is notwedgieboy.

In the dawn of this blog, I needed a name for the blog and I chose one that related to Wegener’s granulomatosis, or GPA, a disease I have. A “weggie” is someone who has that disease. I am male  – let me see… mmm…yep! male! – hence I’m a “weggieboy” (pronounced wegg-ee-boi).

We have a range of symptoms. Some of us are in remission, some are between flares, and some never go into remission. In those times in remission, we may or may not be under a doctor’s care. Rather than think of ourselves as perpetual patients, we break it down to the term that describes us without reference of current medical status: “weggie“. My current status is “in remission”.

“Wedgieboy…GOOD GRIEF!

On the other hand, a wedgieboy (pronounced wedj-ee-boi) typically is generations younger than me. Think “adolescent male child” though older males might do this, too. They are pranksters, the bane of geeky children like I used to be.

More likely than not, wedgieboys think farts are funny – well, most boys do -, they are high energy kids, joke around a lot, but are liable to torment band kids, bookish kids, kid brothers, kids with glasses, new kids in school who have yet to establish their status within the herd, and kids with differences over which they have no control, i.e. the weak and the innocent, we the geeks. And these vulnerable kids are the natural prey for application of wedgies.

Wedgieboys may even post evidence of their activities on the Internet. If you have any curiosity about the subject or don’t know what a “wedgie” is, click on the link. 

Remember: A weggieboy is not a wedgieboy!