Post 1531: Saturday’s two posts and fat or slim?

Sometimes I mess up and post two times in one day. Sunday’s post was supposed to be Post 1530, but I accidentally scheduled it to post at the same time as Saturday’s post. Oh well! Dougy is up early today, but Andy’s sleeping, so the photo above is about it for kitty boy action photos today!


It was  big relief finally getting the kitty boys in for trimming, and they are more active for lack of all the mats and hair. In shots before the trim, you can see how all that hair makes the kitty boys look fat when, in fact, they are slender kitties.

BEFORE: Dougy (left) and Andy (right)

AFTER: Dougy (left) and Andy (right)

I know some of you will prefer the fluffy versions of the kitty boys over the shorn, but they grow their hair out amazingly fast.

I do admit that their Persian heads look amusingly out of proportion for the time being. On the other hand, the groomer leaves their handsome kitty tails unscathed, which pleases my tail-proud kitty boys!