Post 1925: transition…


Ms. Zulu met Andy and Dougy via Skype, the start of the interview process.

The other day, I read sad news about Ms. Zulu. Her human, Anarette, wrote:

“Today’s post is one we hoped we wouldn’t have to write for a while. With a heavy heart, I am writing that Ms. Zulu passed away on December 3.  She was 13 years and 3 months old. It was all very sudden as a very aggressive and inoperable cancerous tumor showed up on her doorstep. It rained two solid days until she died. Then, just moments before it was time to walk over the rainbow bridge, the sun broke through the clouds and a beautiful rainbow appeared.”


For the full post, featuring more photos of this beautiful dog:


Ms. Zulu is one of two dogs featured in these “interviews” with Andy and Dougy:


I send hugs and condolences to my friend Anarette. It is significant, too, that Benji, her other dog, was best buddies with his big “sister”, Ms. Zulu, and will miss her greatly. It was a treat doing the “interviews” featuring our cats and dogs, and Ms. Zulu took a piece of my heart in the process. She will be missed up here in Western Nebraska no less than in Florida where she spent her life.

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  1. Thanks for this sweet post Doug. It’s comforting to know how much she meant to the wider world. This week I have been watching a lot of her videos and photos. It won’t bring her back but it’s good for the soul to see how much we did together. No job was ever too big for her and she would give it 500% if not more. She was a real trooper.

    • I reread the interviews when I learned about Zoe. I feel sad, still, knowing she passed. I understand how photos and videos help. Whern Louie the ginger kitty died of lymphona on August 1, 2011, I did the same thing. I especiallhy enjoyed watching the ones where we took walks, Louie determining the path and time spent. More hugs your way, Annet. And more scritches for Benji. I hope he’s adjusting.

    • Yes, it is. Annet, her human, has redscured several animals from the pound over the years, and Ms. Zulu (AKA Zoe) was one of three siblings she rescued at the same time. She also has a dog called Benji that I’ve shared on this blog in past – take a look at the interviews link at the top of the page under the headfing. He’s become a service dog through his efforts.

        • Awww, I know cats and dogs miss each other when one travels to the Rainbow Bridge, I’ve seen that with my own kitties. Hoping everyone can find comfort; I know how it is because I’m missing so many kitties myself. Doug, I have looked at one of the interviews and will look further, they are charming.

          • It’s a slow process, as we know. I’m glad you enjoyed the interview. The four interviews we fun to do, and I enjoyed the collaborative effort with my friend Annet, Ms. Zulu’s human.

          • We buried one cat and seven dogs that we have adopted over the years. It doesn’t get any easier. All you can do is give them the best life possible while you can and enjoy the good moments you have together.

          • That’s the human-pup or -kitty contract . I feel exactly the same way. I know the inevitable sadness will come, but one needs to focus on the fun part before that.

        • Thanks for the chart. I wasn’t aware of the differences, and I’m sure I’m, not alone. Do you think you’ll eventually get another companion dog for Benji?

    • I couldn’t agree more. Through the interviews and the Life with Benji blog, I’ve come to feel very close to Annet’s pooches. I cried, frankly, when I read Ms. Zulu (Zoe) died.

    • One never gets used to the passing of an animal pal. They are no less than family, especially when you have them from kitten or puppyhood.

  2. Ms. Zulu sounds like she was a wonderful soul. Heaven is better to have her there.
    If this was similar to Mr. M’s passing on April 2nd, it rained outside for days, then came the rainbow, and the tears began to flow inside. Poor Purrseidon still spends time at his grave when she goes into the backyard —- she never bothered with that area prior.

    • I think people who haven’t had animal pals realize other animals in the household mourn the passing of another animal they are used to having to play and interact with. They know the one that passed is gone, but they don’t necessarfily understand why. I cam believe Purrseidon visits that spot in the garden. Makes me sad to think about it, but I know it is natural. Ms. Zulu was a bright, active dog, and Benji, Annet’s other rescure dog, will surely mourn her passing, too. They were best buddies while she was alive.

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