Post 1925: transition…


Ms. Zulu met Andy and Dougy via Skype, the start of the interview process.

The other day, I read sad news about Ms. Zulu. Her human, Anarette, wrote:

“Today’s post is one we hoped we wouldn’t have to write for a while. With a heavy heart, I am writing that Ms. Zulu passed away on December 3.  She was 13 years and 3 months old. It was all very sudden as a very aggressive and inoperable cancerous tumor showed up on her doorstep. It rained two solid days until she died. Then, just moments before it was time to walk over the rainbow bridge, the sun broke through the clouds and a beautiful rainbow appeared.”


For the full post, featuring more photos of this beautiful dog:


Ms. Zulu is one of two dogs featured in these “interviews” with Andy and Dougy:


I send hugs and condolences to my friend Anarette. It is significant, too, that Benji, her other dog, was best buddies with his big “sister”, Ms. Zulu, and will miss her greatly. It was a treat doing the “interviews” featuring our cats and dogs, and Ms. Zulu took a piece of my heart in the process. She will be missed up here in Western Nebraska no less than in Florida where she spent her life.


Post 1387: old buddies write…


What a wonderful post card! Ms. Zulu (on the left) and Benji are well known to Andy and Dougy because the four did interviews with each other, and found that dogs are nice and so are cats! They became friends and are now old buddies. (Check out these interview links if you’ve not read them.) If only people came together the way these four did….


It did indeed put a smile on our mugs! Don’t the “woofies” look like they are enjoying a great time in the Pine Cone Forest? You know they are!