Post 2070: peace on the recliner…

Dougy is aware that..

…he isn’t alone on the recliner.

“I’m cool with that,” Dougy meows.

“Good,” meows Andy back. “I have no intention of moving!”

12 thoughts on “Post 2070: peace on the recliner…

    • Well, most days they can! There have been dispjutes that ended in chases when they both wanted the same part of the chair.

    • You got that right! Dougy is a little imperialist when it comes to territorial matters. “Mine! Mine! Mine!” he meows. Even I am his because he rubs on me at all opportunities so I have his scent.

    • How true! Andy and Dougy usually work these things out. Dougy also likes the recliner back favored by Andy, but Andy is less interested in the seat whern he can have the foot rest. Cats!

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