Post 2071: morning zombie walk…

We have a routine here, a zombie walk through the early hours of our day. After we have breakfast, Dougy hops up on his ottoman to bug me while I try to update this blog. (Yeah, it takes a few minutes before the color turns on!)

Grimly, Dougy hounds (hee! hee!) me to play kitty games with him. I protest, but he persists while…

…Andy hides in full view far enough from me that he thinks he can avoid medicine time. Bad move Andy! As soon as I walk toward him, he runs into the bathroom, where I just lean over and pick him up. There is no escape! Yes, medicine time is reasonably simple and fast as long as Andy doesn’t change his strategy.

16 thoughts on “Post 2071: morning zombie walk…

    • Ugh! While Andy is pretty good about medicine time, “pretty good” is relative to how all cats respond to it!

      • There is that problem! It’s like when Andy gets his blood pressure taken – he causes hius blood pressure to trise, i am sure. I always spend a few minutes petting and ruv=bbing Andy’s nose, ears, and head before I wrap him in a towel to give him his medicine. It has made a difference in medicine time because he associates it with something he likes. Then he gets kitty treats afterwards, another way to make medicine time a welcome time (except fort hat nasty medicine!).

  1. You got a routine going on❗️ Thank goodness I don’t have to dispense meds. I dislike putting on my elbow length ‘snake handler’ gloves ❗️ I save them for wiping out Klingon’s & such 🐱

    • The kitty boys are pretty mild-tempered. Andy is used to being held and petted, so I use that as part of the preliminary activities before I medicate him. I also use the “kitty burrito” technique: wrap the cat in a bath towel to immobilize those claws, leaving only the head outside, then squirt the medicine into the mouth of said cat. Of course, both of Andy’s medicines can be prepared in a chicken-flavored liquid. If I had to give him pills, I’m sure this method would not work well!

  2. I wonder why so much pets run in the bathroom to hide…that’s dangerous… in worst case we could notice that they need not only medicine or an earcleaning but a bath too LOL

    • Andy and Dougy are lucky – I kniow what it’s like to give kitties baths and avoid it at all costs and only in extreme instances! Leave it to the professional groomers, I say! As for medicine and ear cleaning, I’ve got that down to an easy process that is minimally upsetting to both the kitty and me! (I use it as quality time, holding and petting Andy, followed by mdeicine, followed by “for being a good boy” kitty treats! He mostly likes the routine. Guess which part he hates!)

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