Post 2099: sometimes I just look at them…

Sometimes I just look at Dougy (above) and Andy and think, “I can’t believe these pedigree kitty boys were just given to me. They may not be show quality, but I think they are soooo pretty!”

Pedigree or not, Dougy is a naughty kitty! His ottoman bares witness to that!

Then there is shy Andy, “hiding” just out of reach. Dougy claims me as his human, but Andy does, too.

If I put my hand over to touch Andy, though, he becomes alarmed: “Is he going to give me medicine? Oh no! OH NO!” I have to be careful not to press him too hard or he will scamper away even though my only intention was to give him kitty loving!

Andy is a very sweet-natured kitty! If he wants to sit there on the walker to watch me, fine!