Post 2095: “We gotta do it, Andy!”

There’s a hubbub in the north bathroom and it interrupts Dougy’s catnap…again!

I mean, Dougy is really, really, really tired and he has to put up with that!

Yes, it’s kitty medicine time again! Andy puts up a good resistance…

…but I wrestle him closer and closer.

At some point, Andy snuggles against my neck. I pet and talk quietly to him. “We gotta do it, Andy. We gotta do it!”

I slowly maneuver him into the crook of my arm, a position that makes it possible to…

…wrap him…

…in a towel, kitty burrito style, so I can give him his twice-daily medicine. He’s pretty good about this, though he yowls a bit the closer we get to wrapping him in the towel.