28Nov22: Andy flinched…

Andy stopped by for a stacked carrier nap.

Ofcourse, when I tried to get a better shot of him in the stacked carrier, he flinched!

Editing the first photo, I get a bit of what I was trying to do with the second photo…..


It was supposed to snow last night, which it barely did. Now, It’s supposed to snow this morning. We’ll see!

I think it’s cute that Andy uses the stacked carriers for kitty time and naps.

20 thoughts on “28Nov22: Andy flinched…

  1. It is good Andy likes his carrier. 🙂

    We are supposed to get snow here this week, and the heat pump is malfunctioning. I think December is going to lower the boom on us in terms of cold weather.

  2. I think some behaviorists advise leaving open carriers around so cats get used to them. The idea is that it will therefore be easier to get them into the carrier for vet trips. It may help a bit but the psychic little critters always know to hide at those times …

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