Post 2178: What’s your pleasure, Andrew?


Andy’s hinting here. How can I avoid falling for it?


Seriously, does he have to beg now?


Of course not!  >skritch< >scritch<

>purr!< >purr!< >purr!<

10 thoughts on “Post 2178: What’s your pleasure, Andrew?

    • Same with you, José! Seems youve posted fewer things lately. Hope you haven’t been sick, too. Anyway, glad you are pleased I’m around, just as I am glad you are!

        • That’s the maion thing. I hate to see people I follow have issues that keep them from posting. A guy who created the most amazing satirical photo collages mocking stupidity no matter where it occurred, stopped post last March. A few months later, a relative posted a last time on his behalf – he’d died in March.

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