Post 2177: spoke too soon…


I think the kitty boys are arranging a kitty lounger schedule…


…since they seem peaceful enough.


Of course...


…I can be mistaken!



18 thoughts on “Post 2177: spoke too soon…

        • Unfortunately, the ottoman, a settee (trashed out) and other furniture don’t see the humor of cats, but, yeah, I get a kick out of it and doubt anyone will want my stuff whren I die anyway. (Andy and Dougy, if they survive me, will return to Tara, the person whose momma cat gave birth to the kitty boys in 2011. She is a certified veterinarian technician, animal lover, nive person, and I was pleased she volunteered to do this after I put the worfd out that I was concerned the kitty boys might end up in the shelter or be separated under these circumstances. Put my mind at ease.)

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