Post 2164: Saki makes herself at home!


My sister still misses her late kitty, Molly, yet has been very pleased with her new shelter kitty, Saki. It seems Saki is very pleased with her new human and home as well. My sister writes:

I was supposed to keep Saki in a separate room for at least a week, but let her out yesterday.  I limited her exploring though, closing the bedroom and bathroom doors.  She wasn’t nervous at all and claimed the loveseat and window as hers.  She went back to her room on her own at bedtime.

I was pleasantly surprised last night to discover that she is a lap cat.  She tested me out 1st,  standing with 2 legs on my lap, then 3 and finally all, then laid down.  She stayed on my lap for an hour until I had to go to bed.  This morning she sat on my lap while I watched the news for an hour and was still there after I woke up, falling asleep watching news. 
I haven’t heard her purr yet.  Both Sox and Molly were loud purring machines. Here is Saki in the “perfect for cats” windows in my living room.