Andy’s pretty tail

Back on the 14th of July, I noted one of Andy’s nicknames is “Pretty Tail”. Today, I have some objective evidence to support that:

I think you may agree. Not only is Andy’s tail pretty, it’s pretty amazing! Dougy seems to think so, too ~ >sniff<

15 thoughts on “Andy’s pretty tail

  1. I had a cat from the animal shelter, Leo, that looked a lot like Andy. He was half in and out of a little “house” and all I could see was his tail – told the lady – “That’s the one.” He lived to be 18 yrs. old.

    • I can appreciate your tale! First impressions definitely cement the deal for me, too.

      Andy looked like a crazed, drunk Scotsman (been there, done that) with his out-of-control kitten hair and wild-eyed look. He ran right to me, another sweet kittenish behavior that endeared him instantly.

      Dougy had a kind of a closed eye smiley-face look I found endearing. He also sniffed and inspected every thing in sight. He had- and has- great spirit and curiosity about things!

      Louie pranced and presented himself as a fine specimen of ginger tabby cathood when I first met him at the pound. He made me come over and acknowledge him with his beauty and self-assured demeanor. I couldn’t ignore him if I wanted to!

      Freckles, a young cat that died soon after spaying, was timid but loving. She’d sooth me into sleep with her loud purr. The first time it happened, I had her on my chest, petting her. I fell asleep, and she was still there, purring, over an hour later when I woke up. She was a pound cat, too, and spent too long in a stressful situation there. Though the autopsy didn’t show any physical cause for her death, I think it related to stress from being surrounded by cages filled with dogs, something she’d endured at the pound, too, for several weeks. The pound’s been remodeled since then to segregate dogs and cats, a move that improved the cats’ situation immensely.

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