01May20: not funny…

Andy isn’t sure he can watch this silent movie. It is about a clown who likes to be slapped. Yeah, a creep of clowns is what he calls this scene filled with them. Ugh!

Here’s “Slapsy the Clown”, or whatever his name is, waiting to be slapped.  

They’re really going to slap Slapsy???


Too much for Andy. Clowns aren’t funny.


“He Who Gets Slapped” is a 1924 film featuring Lon Chaney, Norma Shearer, and John Gilbert. If you think I’m exaggerating the creep factor, check this trailer for the film:

The stuff of nightmares!

20 thoughts on “01May20: not funny…

  1. Well, Lon Chaney stars in the film, so I suppose it is a horror movie! 😀 (Seriously, his “Phantom of the Opera” kept me awake for months when I was little.) The scene where the clowns in white costume file in is pretty surreal. I hope Andy didn’t have nightmares!

    • No, but I did. LOL! The clowns filing in was the ultimate creep out for me. The only thing worse is circus animals being forced to do unnatural things for the entertainment of people who have no issue with it. I never was a circus lover.

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