Post 617: weather will change…snow way!

We had a little snow yesterday. It brings out a very lazy streak in me when I am snowed in. I can make use of that time in productive ways around the house. Or, I can screw off the whole day!

Well, I screwed off the whole day. I hope you aren’t too disappointed. I’m a retiree, after all, and you might assume I just described my usual day!

As usual, there were long drifts blocking the front and back doors. Sort of. "Enough", anyway, to pretend I couldn't get out.

As usual, there were long drifts blocking the front and back doors. Sort of. “Enough”, anyway, to pretend I couldn’t get out.

Oh, I did wash a bunch of dishes, pots, and pans. It was that or serve the cats supper on a paper plate. They aren’t fussy about things as long as it’s food-like. Hunh! Typical males! And I must spend all of 20 seconds preparing their delightful wet food meal with Lysine supplement, twice a day.

Of course, the little darlings eat off old Gordon Ramsey-designed plates, never paper! I retired that set because too many bowls (especially) and plates started to show chips. I replaced them with Corelle® ware, which is more chip resistant, not to mention lighter weight, no small matter for older people lifting the dang things. Not me…,”older people”!


Dougy checked out the snow, of course, but neither he nor Andy wanted to actually go out in it.

Dougy checked out the snow, of course, but neither he nor Andy wanted to actually go out in it.

I checked the snow for depth, in case I changed my mind about getting out. I decided the boys could use their current litter a couple more days if I carefully cleaned out any offerings. (As if they have a choice! Hee! Hee!)


My Christmas tree is decorated with snow and winter birds.

My Christmas tree is decorated with snow and winter birds.

So it goes. Here’s the view outside my computer window. I love that fir tree with all the passion Nebraskans have for trees. It’s an obscene level of love, irrational to a degree we will put curses on people who cut down or harm a favorite tree. Hssst! Your crucifix won’t save you here! Put away the holy water, too. 


I thought I’d post more on my paternal great grandmother yesterday. Then it snowed. Today, I had that to report. Maybe I’ll get back to family history tomorrow, but don’t hold your breath or cross your fingers or you might get cramps!


41 thoughts on “Post 617: weather will change…snow way!

    • It is a lovely, nicely shaped one for sure, and I hope as long as I live here it continues to thrive unmolested! Just the birds alone make it my cats’ favorite view. (They are indoor cats, but they can dream…!)

    • My sister in Seattle notes it’s the same there. Of course, there are lots of hills in Seattle, so a little ice on the road makes for an amusement park adventure for someone trying to get anywhere by car!Where I live, people mostly understand the physics of propelling a car or truck over bad roads. Of course, a few have to relearn winter driving each year, and that gives the local paper something to put on page 2 in their police report section! >BANG!!!<

      • For us trains are first to stop working. When buses and last taxis… Fun when you get the “surely you must be able to use an alternative route to work” from some employers in those dituations. ;). Luckily my employer is super good!

        • When I was still working, the plant manager lived just down the street from me. No matter how bad the weather, I had no excuse for missing work because he had a four wheel drive truck, and I had a standing offer to pick me up to get me to work if I couldn’t get my car out. Rats!

          • I always tried to take that week off as a vacation because of that. First of all, working a vacation into that week — Christmas Eve day through the day till January 2nd — you got a pretty good vacation and used fewer days because we go three of those days off as holidays plus any weekend days as regular days off.

            If I were still working, I would have put in for December 22nd through January 2, making a vacation that lasted from 4 PM December 19th through 7 AM January 5th.

            I would have 16 days off, but use only seven vacation days. I had five weeks vacation a year after 20 years with the company. I worked just days short of 36 years for them.

            It always surprised me that others didn’t make use of this little trick since there was very little work done those weeks that were broken in the middle by holidays.

    • That’s a sly way to see which people in my home circle were curious about where I was and what I was doing yesterday, but didn’t read my blog…! LOL!”Where were you yesterday? Blah-blah-blah.” “Well, don’t you read my blog posts?” “Erm, ah, sure!” “Yeah, suuure…!” [dripping sarcasm…]

  1. We haven’t seen snow in my neck of the woods yet. Often comes in the 1st week of January.

    Our Lucio cat was diagnosed with eosinophilic granuloma – his lower lip tends to swell, and he has devloped some bumps along the back of his hind legs. The old boy got a shot of anti-inflammatory yesterday. Still researching it on my end.

    • I am constantly amazed at how many autoimmune issues cats can have. I hope your cat responds well to the anti-inflammatory shot, and the source can be identified to help prevent future recurrences! As for the snow, are you close enough to the coast to benefit from the Japan current? My brother lives in Smith River, just south of Brookings, and they rarely seem to have really wintery weather.

      • We’re up in the Cascade foothills at about 800 feet, on the Willamette Valley side. Winters are generally mild, at least relative to New England where I am from. We have had unusual cold snaps dropping down into the teens on ocasion. Snow, when it happens, usually does not last long.

  2. Last year at this time, we were buried under mounds of snow. The worst we’ve seen so far this year is some sleet. Mom would like a white Christmas, then have it melt immediately so she doesn’t have to drive in it! ha ha! Woof!

    • I don’t particularly like driving on icy or snowy roads, either. I’m a pretty good driver, adjusting my speed and driving style to match the road conditions, but I always seem to get trapped in what I call an “Idiot sandwich”, which is someone in front of me driving much slower than the road conditions dictate (or driving at a speed where they are comfortable at their skill level – I mustn’t be too critical of them!) and someone driving behind me too closely or coming up behind me at too fast a speed for the conditions, increasing the chances of a rear end collision. My personal experience is the people who run into me never have insurance, so I rarely get on the roads when they aren’t ideal or at shift change times for the local industries or the start or end of school traffic.

        • I drive a full-sized Impala, and I feel exactly the same way! Of course, I cam appreciate there is less between Mom and the rear end of her Fiat than between me and the rear end of my car, but the hassle of getting cars fixed is my big thing. (The repair shop is only a couple or three blocks from where I live, conveniently, but that’s small consolation.) Plus, it seems people who run into me never seem to have insurance, though legally they aren’t supposed to be on the road without it.

  3. Oh man that looks cold and Ali gets a little L Lysine in each saucer of wet food she eats. She is a snacker and never eats enough on one setting eat the amt of lysine she needs, so she gets it through out the day.
    Hope you and the boys have a good day and stay warm.

    • Dougy is the one that is supposed to get the Lysine. When I mashed tablets of it with a mortar and pestle when they were supposed to get it when they were kittens for some medical issues they both had then, they typically didn’t eat enough to get the benefit. They’d fill up on dry food instead. The paste form, though, seems to meet their high standards for taste and texture, because they eat their full share twice a day. Dougy has a feline herpes infection in one eye from time to time, but the Lysine seems to do the job of controlling that. As for Andy, their veterinarian says it’s OK for him to get Lysine, too. I mash the “goo” into their regular wet food. Have you tried that approach with Ali? She does look like she’s doing a whole lot better these days, though, from you photos. That has to be encouraging! A lot of us were praying for her recovery…! (It’s only 15°F, and the predicted high is 30°F: Believe me, I’ll open the door to get the mail, and that’s it!)

    • It’s only 15°F\-9.4°C at 8:50 AM MST, with a predicted high for today of 30°F\-1.1°C, but the snow is lovely! I have to go out tomorrow, but I’m going to be toasty-warm all day today! I have a lovely minestrone soup made up for supper. Made it yesterday, so it should be really good today!

      The cats are hanging out with me more so than usual, both taking posts on my computer desk. Andy’s on my computer, facing Dougy, who’s a few inches away on top of the mini-stereo. They were being mean to each other earlier today, but must have worked out their issues because there’s no aggressive “language” or body language going on.

      I even had to break up one encounter because Dougy was biting Andy on the nape of his neck. Bad boy! This is rare for them as they mostly play well together.

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