Post 1963: Dougy’s eye…

From a distance, Dougy’s eye looks much better. How much better will be determined today when Dr. Ylander examines it at the veterinary clinic.

Close up, though, his right eye has gunk in the hair surrounding it. I ran out of one of his eye drops yesterday, so he missed that medication for last afternoon and this morning. I hope that is the reason for the change in the appearance of his eye. He doesn’t seem to have any pain or problems keeping it open, like a week or so ago. Poor little guy! I hope his veterinarian has good words for him and me this morning.

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    • Yes, his eyte is almost healed, but I have to continue the drops for another week to make sure all’s healed. There was just a tiny spot near the corner of the eye that has yet to heal. I’ve been impressed with the speed of healing, and think the corneal repair gel drops (new since the last time Dougy had this problem a few years back) made a huge difference.

    • Dougy’s eye healed really well. I was surprised how fast it improved. When he had this problem a few years ago, the medicine was less effective. I think the second drops I give him now (corneal repair gel) make a big difference. They act as a lubricant and well as something to heal the cornea.

  1. I start again . I am sorry to be so late ,Doug but I was somewhat tired those last days . Feast days : Christmas, New Year , Epiphany then yesterday a trip for a birthday added to the dialysis as you know let me tired and not inspired . Now my courage comes back until tomorrow afternoon where the dialysis is waiting for me . I know it is the same for you .
    The use of the English language is not either natural for me .
    I read above Lavinia’s comment about Dougy . I go in the wrong way since I start by the latest entry. i am going to read the previousto know more about Andy
    I hope you are well , Doug ?may this year be good for you.
    In friendship

    • 809/5000
      Les vacances sont épuisantes, peu importe la force de votre santé ou votre santé, je peux donc comprendre à quel point elles ont été fatigantes!

      J’ai le même problème pour parler ou écrire en allemand: c’est très contre nature pour moi et l’ordre des mots est très “étrange” par rapport à l’anglais. Bien sûr, l’ordre des mots allemands correspond à l’ordre des mots typique de la plupart des langues. Quoi qu’il en soit, votre anglais est excellent!

      Quant à moi, si je pense que ma réponse sera longue, j’utilise Google Translate pour les amis qui parlent une autre langue que l’anglais. C’est ma façon de vous faire savoir que j’apprécie vos commentaires et que vous comprenez à quel point il est fatigant d’écrire et de lire dans une langue autre que votre langue maternelle!

      Meilleurs voeux de votre part et de ceux de votre famille en 2019! Je suis impatient de voir le beau jardin d’Amiens fleurir et repousser!

    • Je déteste voir mes chats souffrir. Dougy va beaucoup mieux maintenant, et essaie de me cacher quand il est temps que ses yeux tombent!

    • It is OK, Michel. I know you are adjusting to dialysis and still have lots of family activities to attend to this time of year! (I get tired just thinking about it!)

    • 210/5000
      Se on suuri kuvaus Dougyn silmien väristä! “Amber” on juuri sitä, mitä he näyttävät! Kyllä, hänen silmänsä on nyt paljon parempi, ja se oli lähes täysin parantunut, kun hänen eläinlääkäri tutki sitä maanantaina.

      That’s a great description of the color of Dougy’s eyes! “Amber” is exactly what they look like, too! Yes, his eye is much better now, and was almost completely healed when his veterinarian examined it Monday.

  2. Hope all is OK with Dougy’s eye. Our Abby cat has a “dry eye” condition in her bad eye now, a result of her herpes infection as a kitten. I keep it flushed with sterile saline and use artificial tears.

    • Our kitty friends certainly can have lots of medical issues! Dougy tends to have watery eyes, a Persian issue, but a blessing (I guess) compared with dry eyes.

    • I’m behind on answering comments, so I imagine you know already Dougy got a good report Monday! I was really encouraged, Dolly. Dr. Ylander, his veterinarian, showed me the tiny unhealed spot in his eye. It was virtually healed and I didn’t see it at first. Anyway, a week more of eye drops, and he should be fully healed. The way he’s beginning to act up around eye drop time tells me he’s feeling much, much better, Dolly.

    • Thanks, Kate! Dougy’s report was excellent. I know he’s feeling much better, too, because he’s starting to hide when I look for him to give him his medicine!

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