Post 594: So we get through the morning somehow…!

Andy and Dougy generally pop around at the same time for breakfast. Today, Dougy didn’t come around when Andy did, and Andy made sure to eat all the wet cat food I prepared for both kitties. Hey! It’s cold outside and a kitty needs to lay down some fat, especially a skinny kitty like Andy!

Oh well. After I fed Andy, I washed dishes. Andy parked himself by the front door. When I finished the dishes, I walked toward the dining room, hoping not to alarm Andy when I walked by.

You see, I know if I take my cane and point it at Andy, he won’t bolt, but if I just walk up to him and reach, he does. My cane was by a chair beyond the door. I picked up my cane, pointed it at Andy, and I had me a cat to dose with medicine!

Andy knows he's about to get medicated...! In the background, the plate with what's left of the food Andy ate that was meant for both Andy and Dougy....

Andy knows he’s about to get medicated…! In the background, the plate with what’s left of the food Andy ate that was meant for both Andy and Dougy….

Poor kitty! He was a good boy, though, and we got through the process without me having to wrap him in the towel to restrain him a bit. Yeah, I told him he was a good boy, “scritched” his ears, and rubbed his nose after he got his medicine down. Then I put out his kitty treats. He didn’t stop to eat any, though. Why would he? He’d just eaten two servings of wet food minutes before! He ran into my bedroom instead, and hid under the bed.

Poor Dougy! Andy ate all of the wet food before Dougy came out of the guest bedroom to join us for the day!

Poor Dougy! Andy ate all of the wet food before Dougy came out of the guest bedroom to join us for the day!

Oh, before you leave me naughty notes about starving poor “Chubby-butt”, erm, Dougy, let me reassure you I opened another can of trout/salmon wet food, and made sure Dougy got his breakfast, too! As a practical matter — there is dry food out if the boys want it — I had to because Dougy needs a probiotic to help him with an autoimmune issue. I put the probiotic in the boys’ wet food, all of which Andy ate earlier, eh?!

It wasn’t the smoothest start to the day, but everyone is cool now. The boys wandered off to take post-breakfast naps. I’m thinking about stopping by the Crazy Lady Bakery to buy some breakfast rolls to have with my coffee. Then, the rest of the day will happen however it unfolds. We plan to do as little as possible today!


31 thoughts on “Post 594: So we get through the morning somehow…!

    • We’re doing even less today, if that’s possible! I should go for groceries, but I still have spaghetti and some other things in the house that I like to have around for those times I don’t feel like dealing with the grocery store bustle.

  1. Good luck with the kitty autoimmune issues. I’ve battled strange ailments with cats over the years and the cause and treatment can be hard to pin down and treat. Our Lucio ended up with an eosinophilic granuloma this past year. The vet ended up injecting cortisone directly into the lump on his lip, but he had to be anesthetized first, and they heard him howl all over the clinic in the process. That took it down, but his lower lip gets slightly puffy now and then. I seem to have been able to keep it at bay with some MSM, at least for now.

    • Thanks! Dougy’s issue is feline herpes, which has caused inflammation of his left eye off and on. I’ve had to put eyedrops in his eye sometimes, but the last time his veterinarian had me start adding a pasty form of lysine in his food. When the boys were kittens, I had tablets of this IA mashed and put in their food, but it wasn’t too well received. This new form is a hit with them, and Dougy’s eye looks much better for having eaten it.

      • We have used lysine for Abby, our little Abyssinian. Works well! She later developed dry eye in her bad herpes eye – she wasn’t producing much in the way of tears anymore – the eye was scarred too badly. So she gets artificial tears daily now.

        • It’s one of those things I have to keep a close eye on, for sure, and your comment is a reminder for me to always be vigilant about how he’s doing. At this point, he has watery eyes, though not goopy. Interestingly, since it is contagious, Andy hasn’t contracted it from his brother.

      • Oliver doesnt like the cradle hold either. Though for him its claw cutting that driving him insane… Problem is he gets super long claws that are duper sharp and he cut his eyelid a few times on his own paws (too long to retract fully) so vet said regulary claw clipping! He huffs and puffs and growls but lpves his treats afterwards LOL

        • I haven’t had the nerve to try trimming the boys’ nails yet. They are black, so it isn’t self-evident where the quick starts…! I’ll let their veterinarian’s staff do the job any day, or their groomer.

          • I have one of those trimmers that supposedly senses where the quick is and a red light lights up if you get too close to it. If it is OK to trim, it shows green. On the other hand — paw?! — you know how cats will jerk their heads or bodies to avoid medicine or whatever. I have a phobia about trimming right at the point one of them does this, and I get too far in. I guess I’m just gutless! (I’d rather someone with experience doing this take care of it, and the price is well worth it.)

          • I know exactly what you mean. Our vet showed us how to literally just clip off the tip of the claw so even if oli moves its not too risky. But i let my partner hold oli and his paw as i do it. No chance i would attempt it alone LOL

          • I’d want someone helping me, too. Both of my cats are reasonably compliant, but they also are opportunistic bolters if they see or sense an opening to get away!

    • It is! I’m not sure why it’s called that, but it might be because someone told her she’d be crazy to start a bakery in this town. LOL! Anyway, she runs a good business, and the products are classic, fresh, and very good.

        • The supermarket bread still is very much around, but boutique breads are more available here than before, even in supermarket deli sections. I don’t know if Americans ever will be weaned off of soft, sweetish white breads, but nothing stops one from learning how to make bread, a reasonably simple process, if time consuming. Like anything worth having, though, you have to put the effort into finding or making it!

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