01Nov20: An extra hour…for a walk down Memory Lane…and a nap. Especially the nap….

Above, my late friend, Ralph, examines an elf house in the Palatinate Woods, south of Kaiserslauten, Germany, in 1971. As you might expect, elfen magic hides them from human view, but if you have a bit of the Spirit of Hallowe’en left over, you won’t need the yellow arrow to see one of the wee forest dwellers. 

In the lovely village of Hunawihr, circa 1972, my friend Deborah asked if she could borrow my Nikon camera to take some photos. She came back after a time, returned the camera to me, and this was one of the charming images that I found on the developed film.


I came across these two images when I Googled “Beethovenstrasse”, the street where I shared an apartment with two friends in Kaiserslautern, Germany. I don’t know how Google determines where images get stored, but I was especially pleased to see these again! I decided I’d take a Sunday off and share them with you on WordPress. 

Here’s a earlier photo of Andy doing what I intend to do today: Get comfortable and take a nap! Don’t worry. Persian lips hide toothies sometimes. Andy has all his teeth except a lower incisor that was removed because it was rubbing against the upper canine showing in the photo! Those teeth had been so crowded that when the incisor was removed, I couldn’t tell where it had been. (A silly thought: Andy didn’t need a tooth removed, he needed braces! LOL!)