31Dec20: a battle of wills…

A dark presence appears on the arm of the glide rocker. I am aware of danger.

OK! It’s only Andrew. What!? What!? What!? He’s giving me the “Stinging Kitty Glare of Destruction of Human Will and Making Doug Do Andy’s Bidding”! Only kitty stink eye is more potent.

I hold out. Oh! The pain! The pain! Resisting kitty cat will is exhausting, but Andy realizes he needs to lighten up his attack lest he harm me. “Meow!”

Hee! Hee! I break Andy’s stare by attracting his attention to the reflection of the kitty (!) on the smartphone face. I am safe – briefly – from this irresistible kitty force.

I have control again!

Or do I???

Déjà vu. Trapped again.

“YES-YES-YES!” “No! No! Nooo!” (I feel my free will draining away.)

“OK, Andy. I give up. It’s Greenies treats for you, my fuzzy master!” It’s New Year’s Eve. I’ve made a resolution not to let Andy bully me into doing his will in 2021!

29Dec20: chillaxin’ on the recliner arm…

Andy stopped by.

I gave him a little loving!

What can I say? Chillaxin’ in the morning on the recliner arm!

(slang Relaxing. A portmanteau of “chilling” and “relaxing,” often shortened colloquially to “chillaxin’.”)

28Dec20: snowgirl from the past…

 This was on my Christmas greetings for 1973 or 1974, I think. There wasn’t much snow left after a melt, but there was just enough to make this sweetie. I’d forgotten about the image until I received a large package from Paris of correspondence with my late friend Ralph. The Christmas greetings photo was in the package, and I decided to share it with you! 

It’s been several decades now, but I remember my little snowgirl would have fit in my hand. Her “hair” was American elm leaves, if that helps give you her scale.


Andy’s taking a day off while I figure out why I all of a sudden have to kiss the devil’s butt (so to speak) to get photos to go from my smartphone to my laptop without a huge hassle. I managed to get these two photos over to my laptop through a circuitous route I still don’t understand. Ugh! Technology is great when it serves but tragic when it mocks humanity!

27Dec20: You kidding?

Andy is bored so I’m trying to give him something interesting to do. The video mouse game on the television should do it!

There we go! Andy sees the mouse and seems interested.

Maybe not.

So much for the mouse game.

Andy has other ideas.

Sleep sounds more interesting for the moment. 

25Dec20: Christmas Greetings



I had a call yesterday from Toni, an old friend from work. She wanted to stop by because her daughter had something she wanted to give me. I’d made my plan for the day (sit around watching television in a day old shirt and underwear….LOL!) but reluctantly agreed. I took out some trash and gave things a quick touchup since I wasn’t really ready for a visit and the place needed a bit of attention I typically give it on Sundays or Mondays. In days of COVID-19, I don’t have enough – any! – visitors so things tend to get a bit slack in the housekeeping department. Oh well. They arrived, Toni and I caught up a bit on how things have been, then Addison gave me what she wanted to give me: 

I was stunned and became emotional. Thanks again to Addison! Andy had to check it out, of course.

24Dec20: Christmas Eve…

Last year’s Christmas card featured Dougy chasing Andy over the recliner. This year, Andy and I will have our first Christmas without Dougy. It’s been a tough year, and I am glad it is nearly over. I look forward to a happier, healthier new year, and Andy and I will do what we can to be more positive, happier, and productive than the pandemic allowed in 2020.

23Dec20: Nature programs are OK by Andy.

Andy really, really, really likes his nature programs, like this one on feral pigs in a Singapore wildlife refuge! Try to take him away from “his” program!

He looks back at me to let me know he really doesn’t want to see those city people. He wants more animals.

Yeah! That’s it! A small lizard is interesting!

More people. No more animals. Andy looks back at me, then runs off to eat some kitty food and to take a drink at his kitty fountain. 

22Dec20: maybe…

I thought Andy was in the mood. “Let’s play wand toy, Andrew!”

It looked promising till he checked his precious. You know how that goes with kitties!  It needed a little maintenance.

Then Andy looked like he was in the mood.

Good grief Andy! Don’t wear it out!