31Oct20: Tuh duh! Heeeere’s Andy!

Nebraska Business Development Center photo

Dodi and Derek have a mobile pet grooming service that began around the time COVID-19 became an issue. Fortunately for them, business took off because they could bring their business to their clients’ doorstep.

Here’s Andy before his spaw date!

Happily for Andy and me, Dodi was able to put him on her schedule and his grooming session at her “pet spaw” yesterday resulted in this:

We are pleased! Thanks, Dodi and Derek! May your Curbside Magic Mobile Pet Spaw prosper and become the place to groom pets in your business territory! I think you have a super concept and Andy – and all your doggy clients – are proof of it!

The carpet is a mess. Even Dysons can find Persian kitty hair more than they can handle. (I need to do some filter and canister maintenance to restore normal suck again. Sorry for the messy backgrounds above! I’m not a good housekeeper.)

Andy was a good boy and more relaxed this second time with his new groomer. I’m really pleased with her work!

But  Andy is happy to be home again, too!


30Oct20: candy corn ~ meh!

I offer Andy the seasonal candy corn candy.(Traditionally sold around Hallowe’en for those outside the Hallowe’en zone.) Many don’t like it since it is, um, “sugar flavored” as best I can tell. Maybe Andy can be enticed.

Andy gives me his “You kidding? No one likes candy corn!” look and goes back to kitty bathing. (Now I can eat the disgusting stuff without Andy begging.)




29Oct29: Let it snow! The kitty boys experience the fluffy stuff.

Andy and Dougy always wanted to see the snow. Andy never ventured beyond the door, but Dougy wanted to explore.

A weather channel asked to show this one. I was more than happy to let them! 

See what I mean about my explorer kitty boy, Dougy! (Notice how orange Dougy’s eyes were – his best feature.)

Fluffy snow! This was a rare time Dougy didn’t want to explore and Andy didn’t come to the door.

This is the earliest snow episode featuring the kitty boys, who were a year and three months old at the time. You see Dougy exploring outside and Andy barely coming to the door, a pattern that they followed the rest of Dougy’s life and Andy to this day.

Dougy’s curiosity about the outside once cost him a few hours out in the cold when he slipped past me to explore when I was checking the weather. I posted a $200 reward for his return and he was found about 100 feet away from my front door, cowering behind a snow drift! The experience didn’t change his desire to explore outside but it changed my way to check the weather! From then on – even now, though Andy isn’t as interested in the outdoor life – I never open the door that I don’t check for a kitty boy looking to experience the wild life!


28Oct20: Poor Andy! ~ “Leave me alone!”

Andy isn’t happy with my attention just now. He tries to avoid even a nice head rub!

He moves to the lapboard and tries to ignore me when I call his name!

“Can’t you see I’m taking a bath?!” Hee! Hee! He responds to his name, so I know he’s just being petulant. (Later, Andy was less grumpy and let me “scritch” his ears, play with a wand toy, and pet him. Andy has his priorities, and he has his moods!) 

27Oct20: Andy likes Dvorak…or is it the little people that might taste good?

Andy wants to see what’s on the laptop.

Watch out kettledrummer! Andy makes his…

…move, but…

…WHAT!? Where did the kettledrummer go!? Watch out woodwind section! Andy’s on the move.

26Oct20: worth the wait…

Andy’s at my foot, waiting for something…

…that he knows…

…I can give him.

Yes! Yes! Yes! A head rub! >Purr! Purr!< Worth the wait.




25Oct20: Andy is obsessed…

Andy notices an object of interest in my hands.

The little rascal keeps pawing at the blanket on my lap. He becomes a real pest!

Kitty boys don’t like cinnamon candy, Andy! (No, but he really, really, really likes the crinkly wrapper. I have to be very careful to dispose of wrappers so Andy doesn’t try to eat them.)


23Oct20: A remembrance of Dougy.

Dougy left a mark on this home. Yeah, the Ottoman took a big hit, but it was Dougy’s favorite place to rule his domain.

The kitty boys got along well, though there were occasional clashes over the kitty loungers. Dougy’s giving Andy one of his looks from the lounger here.

Andy wasn’t in the mood for Dougy’s petulance that day, and he taunts him with his paw!

Mostly, they worked together to catch millers and flies!

Andy and I miss Dougy.

22Oct20: Being a cat is tiring business.

The days are shorter now but the nights are always long in Andylandia! Andy takes a snooze.

Of course, once he wakes up, Andy takes care of important kitty boy business.

Whew! Being a cat is tiring business!