27Nov20: “Don’t pet me!”

Andy is upset with Doug because he commits the unforgivable sin of petting him when he is on the end table.

So a move to the television stand seems a good idea. Then the news upsets Doug, who wonders what else is on the television. It’s a James Bond film – “Dr. No”! – on TCM, though it’s near the end. And the villain has a beautiful white kitty in his arms. Doug decides to watch it.

“What!? What!?” Andy moved here for peace and quiet! After lots of weapons fire, explosions,  and people diving off high places in the climax of the film, Andy wonders how he will ever get his 20 hours’ sleep today!

“Good grief! This is ridiculous!” Andy thinks. The world was a lot quieter before people!

Andy moves over to the ottoman. Maybe Doug will leave him alone now. Doug rubs Andy’s head and ears, which he tolerates but is NOT in the mood for!

“I know where you sleep!”

Speaking of which, Andy ends up where he started.