14Feb21: spoiled rotten…

Maybe it is because we both just woke up and haven’t finished getting the eye goobers out of our eyes, but…

…Andy is being a spoiled little kitty boy. “I don’t want wet kitty food now. I want GREENIES!

What Andy doesn’t know is I’ve had to order more Greenies because we’ve really gone through them lately. We’ve had major weather – snow – that could make that predicted 15th of February delivery date problematic. What we going to do then, buster? I’ve been trying to ration the supply. With luck, his veterinarian has some on hand.


NEWS FLASH! I found a mostly full package of catnip-flavored Greenies in the box I use to store the Greenies supply. Andy can continue to be spoiled and I have hope the Greenies on order (that have shipped) get here before the newly expanded supply gives out. I don’t exaggerate how pitiful Andy is when he doesn’t get his kitty treats!

23 thoughts on “14Feb21: spoiled rotten…

    • Andy can have catnip, Greenies, dry food and wet food available on demand, yet come in from the kitchen and have his starving kitty act on.

    • Little do you know. Today, when he wanted me to stop making him to wait for his morning kitty chow, he sat on the edge of the recliner footrest pointing with one paw in the direction to the kitchen, meowing plaintively. That’s similar what I do when I’m getting his attentio9n for kitty food time: I point in the direction of the kitchen and say things like “Kitty food time, Andy! Do you want kitty food?” Andy is one smart little dude!

  1. The photos of Andy are very expressive . He fears there is a lack of Greenies. But not, Doug has ressources and the best ; catnip flavored ! Poor Andy! He is just a little spoiled ! 🙂
    In friendship

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