Post 791: Dougy’s “annoying meow”, a call to action

Dougy is exceptionally needy today. “Play with me! Groom me! Pet me! Feed me, of course, but don’t hold me!” Meow! I’m not certain what he wants, so I’ve gone through the whole list each time he comes over and goes into his little “annoying meow”.

“Annoying meow” is not a typical kitty vocalization. It is a sound that grates on the ears and makes you feel like a slug, a genuine turd for not stopping everything right now and waiting on his Feline Majesty! You can’t ignore “annoying meow”!

This is what Dougy looks like when he does his “annoying meow”.

Oh no! There it is again! What do you want, Dougy? What!? What!? What!?


65 thoughts on “Post 791: Dougy’s “annoying meow”, a call to action

    • He’s usually very predictable, unlike Andy. Andy comes up from behind me, pats me on the arm, then walks a few steps away. Then he looks back at me, like, “You know what I want!” But I never do!


  1. You know the difference between dogs and cats. Dogs say: “They feed me, they play with me, they pet me – they must be deities!” Cats say: “They feed me, they play with me, they pet me – I must be a deity!”


  2. Look at that sweet little face. That is definitely a whiney little boy. Love those eyes and bet you have no defense against those eyes.


  3. I just love the occasional post that makes me laugh just as I take a sip of coffee. Now I have to clean the keyboard….I hope you’re happy.

    BTW: my cat has a meow that sounds something like the baa-quack a duck crossed with a sheep might make.


    • I’ve heard some strange sounds come from my cats and others, but I think your cat must be the only one to make that sound! (It’s be fun to get that on a video, though I know how hard it is to get cats to do cute things when you turn on the camera!)


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