Post 306: brothers

Don’t tell my * favorite sister-in-law, but my brother Richard and I talked on the phone yesterday for four hours. Yeah, four hours!

We always have long telephone conversations, but four hours pretty much doubles the usual length for these marathon conversations. No apologies, though. My brother not only is my only brother, he is my favorite one, and it’s been awhile since we talked.

We talked about a lot of things and a lot of nothing, but it was a fast four hours. The best news to come out of it, though, is my brother plans to visit in June. I’m ready! He usually stays around five weeks, but those five weeks fly by. He’s a great guest! (Anyone who does the dirty dishes is a “great guest”! 🙂 )

Though the boys don’t know what I meant when I told them my brother is coming for a visit, I guarantee they will be excited to see him in June! Yes, Richard is my cats’ favorite “uncle”! The moment he walks in the door, they crush against him, excited to see him again. I think they remember how much fun he is!

Here is a video from the first time my brother visited after I got the boys. He’s the one “operating” the Da Bird toy. Andy and Dougy play the crazed cats chasing the feather toy. Under equivalent circumstances, my brother’d be your favorite, too!

Andy and Dougy were a couple of weeks short of one year old in this video.


* I know: if you have only one of something, technically it can’t be a favorite. This is a family inside joke with my brother and sister-in-law. What isn’t a joke is they’d still be my favorites if I had two or more brother or sister-in-law.


After I wrote this, I remembered another cat and another time my brother visited. Louie loved my brother’s visits, too. During this 2011 visit, Louie’s favorite toy broke. My brother fixed it, then gave it a test run with Louie. Here’s the result:

I think you get a better idea now why I love my brother and look forward to seeing him! I suspect lions would purr and rattlesnakes would rattle out my brother’s favorite tunes if they met him.

Dogs love him, too! When he was here the last time, my niece’s dog Oreo, who always visits my brother and sister-in-law each day, had some behavior issues because he was upset my brother wasn’t there!

4 thoughts on “Post 306: brothers

  1. YAY!!! I am so excited for you! 🙂 I’m so glad your favorite brother is coming for a visit! (I like that distinction of “favorite”! :-))
    I love when my kids visit…as they pitch in without being asked…they cook, do dishes, clean, etc. I get spoiled when they are here AND I love their company and all the fun we have! 🙂
    4 hours! Wow! I am quite a talker…and have only talked for that long when it’s one of my kids or my best friend. 🙂
    The vids were fun to watch! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • Thanks! I know my brother and I will have a good time. In many ways we are very different, but only is complementary ways apparently…! We were a bit surprised we talked so long, too, though we (and my sisters and I) typically have infrequent but long phone calls. I know the cats will be very happy to see my brother again since he is lots of fun for them, as the video shows. Anyone who can get Andy running and chasing a toy really knows what he or she is doing. He’s not a cat to get all wound up in fun on the drop of a hat, unlike Dougy, who’s always up and ready for fun. Glad you enjoyed the videos, too. Though I make them mostly to document them as part of the family, I love sharing them, too!

  2. A four hour telephone conversation! Holy cats! And guys think women talk a lot. I think our older sister could out talk both of you guys though.

    • I don’t know. I think she could if we were together in a room, but I can’t imagine a telephone conversation quite that long with her. Never know, though! I’ve never talked that long on a phone myself before yesterday!

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