Post 1417: Andy wants to play now…

Andy wants Dougy to come and play their little chase game, the one that begins with the multi-colored fabric and a yowling Andy…


…but Dougy’s enjoying the fresh air by the open front door.

Dougy stomped his foot at Andy, which confused him. Dougy usually wants to play!


Andy looks to me for support. I rub his nose and stroke his cheeks, but he’s still upset Dougy won’t play!

Poor kitty~! Andy goes off to the front room to pout! He’ll be OK in a short time because he has a sweet nature and doesn’t hold grudges!


30 thoughts on “Post 1417: Andy wants to play now…

  1. Poor Andy! That happens here, too; one cat wants to play and no one else will. So they start with a yowl? One of the boy kitties here usually gives a big yowl to start things off. And sometimes little Hope, sister of Marcus, gives her brother the silent surprise attack! She can still bowl him over. 🙂


  2. Andy and Doug have such beautiful coats. Do they let you brush them? Mine seems to molting at the moment, and she’s such a mess I’ve actually considered sending her for a grooming but cannot seem to find anyone who does this.


    • Dougy love, love, loves brushing, whereas Andy has to be caught off guard. Dougy has a thick undercoat, and Andy’s hair is less dense. Finding a cat groomer can be problematic, for sure! I’m lucky in that I live about two blocks away from one who will take cats…if they are well behaved! My kitty boys are shedding now, too. Ugh!

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    • Oh, they weer back to playing shortly after! Andy and Dougy respect each other’s limits until it’s time to double up, then it’s mayhem and get out of the way while the kitty boys have fun! (Fortunately, they are cats, so most of the day they sleep, most of the rest of the day they groom and loaf around, and party of the rest of the day they fun all over the apartment acting like greyhounds at the track! (As for zen moments, I think they pack those into their sleepytimes before trhey nap!)

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