Post 281: a little to do about a little

The trip to take the veteran down to the eye clinic for surgery began at 5:30. I arrived back home around 7:30, sooner than I expected. Time was, the trip to Scottsbluff was an hour down and an hour back, but the trip’s faster now, thanks to improved roads and a higher speed limit.

Scottsbluff is set in a valley, and driving down into the valley early in the morning is a treat when the sun’s up. If one has some time, there’s always a lot of Oregon Trail history, including trail landmarks like the Scott’s bluff that gave Scottsbluff the town and Scotts Bluff the county their names. This is extraneous information. The Scottbluff Chamber of Commerce owes me some freebies for all the free advertising!

It was an uneventful trip. I enjoyed the talk down, but listened to a Louis Armstrong CD of late 1920s Hot Fives and Hot Sevens works, Jazz classics, on the way back. Musical tastes are personal, so I never play music when I have a passenger. Besides, as someone who spends more time with two Persian cats than with members of his own species, practicing small talk with a human probably helps me recall which species I belong to! 🙂

Once home, I ate breakfast – Andy tried to join me for the egg and bacon, but I brushed him off…! Then I took a nap.

That is the most I accomplished yesterday, and it was all over by 8:30 AM! Later, I’d have a Mexican supper, play feather toy with Dougy (Andy didn’t want to play), watch a bit of news, and…go to bed!

7 thoughts on “Post 281: a little to do about a little

    • I’ve been hitting the Subway breakfast sandwiches the past two weeks (off and on- not every day!), and I think I actually like them better than the regular sandwiches. I’m not a big fan of heavily salted foods, so eating them wrapped in bread and a nice wedge of scrambled eggs helps moderate the saltiness.

      Oh, yes, it was, after all, a great day, just not one where I did much after 8:30 AM!

    • Me, too! He was a pleasant fellow, and someone who lives just a sort way from me. Oddly, we’d never met before, even though we do live in close proximity! That’s America for you.

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