20Feb21: Get the mousie!

Andy’s searching for the mousie! What fate does it have?

There it is! (Does it “see” the kitty? Probably not. LOL!)

Pretty lame “hunting” there, kitty boy! I guess this game would be more interesting if we played it before breakfast!

The game continues, under the recliner. Andy’s not done, nor is the mousie!

21 thoughts on “20Feb21: Get the mousie!

    • It’s a curious mouse. It has no mechanical parts but it bounces and moves a lot like the real deal. It’s just on a string, no bungee cord!

  1. Andy’s up for the mouse after breakfast, at least somewhat! ๐Ÿ™‚ After breakfast here, the cats are settling into napping places for the next several hours. It’s hard to engage anyone.

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