Post 1191: So my kitty boys can get along, too….!

Dougy came over to visit me at the computer. He used the kitty highway (the recliner) and stepped over Andy, who was sleeping on the computer desk shelf, his especial territory. Andy didn’t get upset! Dougy didn’t stop by to irritate his brother! My word! So my kitty boys can get along, too!


I greet Dougy when he steps off the computer shelf. Then I see Andy watching Dougy! I hadn’t noticed Andy till then.102716-andy-and-dougy

Dougy looks back at Andy. A fight to start shortly?!102716-dougy-sneaks-a-peak-at-andy

No. Andy is calm about the intrusion into his space by Dougy. Dougy had to step over Andy to get to his spot by the all-in-one machine.102716-was-is-los-andy

Dougy stays long enough to get some loving, but Andy moves closer to me for a snooze.102716-still-life-with-andy

Dead to the world, my little kitty boy…!102716-andy-close-up-sleeps

Sleep, sleep, sleep! And (being a Persian) Andy snores a little bit.102716-useme-still-life-with-andy

How does he sleep with his head cocked that way??102716-andys-head-upside-dow-use-me

Andy had his rest and left for a little dry kitty food and another snooze in the bathroom, where he’s claimed the bath mat by the shower as his.

Dougy stopped by the computer again for more loving. Persians are very needy kitties. They love their loving!102716 dougy 2.jpg


19 thoughts on “Post 1191: So my kitty boys can get along, too….!

    • They mostly are good together. Some days they get owly with each other, usually over important issues like favorite high spots or which one is getting the most attention.

    • They certainly are, though in Persians it can mean breathing issues. That’s one of the things that Dr. Y, their veterinarian always checks when I take them in for vaccinations or examinations.

    • Good! I’ve heard similar comments from other people, and I take very seriously how you and they view this blog. I try to find that little funny thing to put up or, at least, post something that’s non-threatening, comfortable to view.

      I try not to toss in politics, religion, or dirty words for that reason, too.

      Of course, I sometimes toss in problems I’m having with my computer or WordPress, but I try not to do that too often.

      I’ve added the occasional day trip photos because I love the area of the USA where I live, and I want to share that with people stopping by this blog. The positive comments about those encourage me to do more of them, but this is primarily a kitty blog!

        • I thought you would like that one! He is such an regal cat when he does that. When he’s cleaning himself, however, he makes me laugh because he does these little jerky motions, then stares at you, as if to say, “Must you be watching me just now?!”

          • hahahaha yeah i see the must you be watching me look. I had a cat, and one day we were with my mother at the garden. The cat went to poo, and we were watching her, she kind of half closed her eyes(angry style look) and staring at us. Kind of saying do you you need to see me poo? lol

          • LOL! Yeah, I get lots of looks. They are very expressive, aren’t they?

            As far as the “why are you watching me poo” look goes, I always remind them they both come into the bathroom and watch me, so…! (I would close the door, but then I have upset cats pawing under the door….! LOL!)

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