22Feb21: Andy’ new favorite spot…

After weeks of doing everything on the recliner footrest, Andy now…

…prefers underneath the footrest, where he’s managed to bring a couple magazines we use for kitty play.

Yes, pulling the fabric teaser wand toy string slowly under the top page or two of the magazine is very interesting to my little predator. (I’ll try to get a photo or video or two showing this.)

Andy catches some “zzz’s” under the recliner footrest, too. Kitty play is exhausting. (NB: No one actually gets to sit in the recliner these days because of concerns for Andy’s safety. Of course, these days of COVID-19, “no one” is just me!)

24 thoughts on “22Feb21: Andy’ new favorite spot…

    • LOL! Andy is a smart kitty boy, and I will be afraid, very afraid if I ever hear him speaking a clear English sentence. (You know, like the chimp baby in the “Planet of the Apes”… )

    • Today, his spot seems to be in transition. He’s spent equal-ish time on the ottoman, the recliner, the floor under the recliner on a magazine,, and the end table.

    • Yes, and since I don’t use the recliner, he is safe. I rarely have visitors or family visits, so he is safe. However, were I to have someone here, I’d warn them of the possibility of a kitty under the recliner if they put the footrest up. When I say rarely, the last time someone ws here, she didn’t put the footrest up. Before her, the next person to come was my late brother in 2014! Andy is safe.

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