Post 676: Dougy got his feelings hurt today…

NEWS FLASH! Dougy got his feelings hurt today, and he came around looking for pity.

Poor Dougy! Let me hide you under the towel.

“Poor Dougy! Let me hide you under the towel.” We had a little pity party for Dougy today.

Yes, Dougy got his tail served to him on a platter today.

Andy finally had it with Dougy and his “…and this new box is mine!” or “…that’s my wand toy!” or “…Andy isn’t sleeping on the blue carrier, so I can!” Yep, got his tail served on a platter!

[The whole “tail on a platter” episode will be tomorrow’s blog theme. πŸ™ ]

44 thoughts on “Post 676: Dougy got his feelings hurt today…

    • It doesn’t usually get too physical, but I think Dougy would have felt better if he could have had a little taste of kitty fur in his mouth from a physical fit. Andy chose to use psychological warfare this time, and that never is Dougy’s strong suit! πŸ™‚

    • Aw! I felt bad for Dougy, even though he’s been a little pain the last few days with his “…and that’s mine, too!” cattitude. I mean, when the cat gives you dirty looks for putting your feet on your ottoman because he’s claimed it for himself, something has to give! LOL! πŸ™‚

        • There were five. One was stillborn. Andy and Dougy have another brother and a sister. The brother and sister both went to a home in South Dakota, and I’ve been told they hate each other…! Andy and Dougy, on the other hand, play well together, though they occasionally, very rarely have to sort things out.

          They devised a cute little cat game involving a wand toy. I haven’t quite worked out the rules, but it involves one of the boys carrying the toy to some central part of the house. He puts it down on the floor and makes little sad kitten meows, like he’s crying because he has a sore foot or something.

          The other one comes running.

          In the meantime, the one that brought the toy hides in a box or behind something. When his brother comes, there is a mad chase. The boys take turns chasing each other through the house, pausing at the far ends to tussle (or whatever they do!). This goes on for several minutes. The wand toy apparently isn’t the object of the game, though it signals the start (I guess!) to the cat that comes to investigate the cries.

          • What fun! People who think that cats are not intelligent creatures only believe that because the cats decided that they are not worthy to be inducted into Humans Who Get It Hall of Fame.

          • Living with them you find out how smart they are. Andy has to have a dose of medicine around noon every day, and around noon every day (without a clock) Andy manages to put distance between him and me. Some day he doesn’t get his medicine because it’s too l;ate in the day before I get to a place where I can catch him.

  1. Abby tries to get Lucio in trouble here. All he has to do is look at her. I swear she has a smile on her face while she is doing it! Of course, sometimes Lucio goes looking for trouble… πŸ™‚

    • You got that right! I gave Dougy the pity party (he’s OK now!), but secretly applauded Andy for putting Dougy in his place. Dougy’s been much too pushy lately, even to the point of taking over things he knows are Andy’s. I think Andy is the current top cat in the household! We’ll see how Dougy reacts around him later, but he was really keeping his distance from Andy for a time this morning.

    • He brought it on himself, Robin, and Andy finished it. Dougy’s been just a little bit too big for his britches lately, and quiet little Andy just had it with his brother! πŸ™

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