27Feb21: Andy’s multicolored pelage…

Andy isn’t a black cat. His colors vary through the whole range from white to black if viewed from the right angle!

The right light makes a difference, too. Notice how the part of his tummy in the shadow is black, but the rest of his tummy is shades of grey!

18 thoughts on “27Feb21: Andy’s multicolored pelage…

  1. Beautiful Andy . . . I always see a range of color in black-furred cats too, depending on ambient light and whatever happens in camera/photoshop . . . one of my three black kitties has light tabby stripes in some light, the other two are “darker” black but have reddish areas in some pics.

    • They seem to carry the genetic pattern of some ancestor muted within the black. Andy and his late brother had a Birman father and I can see the Birman pattern in Andy in certain light. Same with his late brother. I also sometimes see a tabby marking on the heads. Their mother was a Persian with tabby markings.

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