07May21: Google fail me now! (Oops! It doesn’t need encouragement….)

Kill me now! Google’s acting up and won’t let me sign in. I fiddled and fiddled with it, then I got a “You’ve tried too many times” message that means I have to wait “several hours” to try again. I’ve no idea what happened, why it’s acting up. I didn’t do anything (that I can recall) to get “googled”. So, since I can’t access my email – which is where it wants to send the code that helps unlock the account! – I can’t send photos to myself to upload here. This is an old favorite for the time being.

Being googled is one hurt Andy can’t pat and make OK. 

Well, not several hours later – and after much, much, too much f’ing stress! – Google finally let me sign in. Typical, I’ve no, none, absolutely nada understanding of how, why the sudden acceptance of my efforts allowed me to access my gmail. The GIF above is proof I can function on my accounts again. Gad!

29 thoughts on “07May21: Google fail me now! (Oops! It doesn’t need encouragement….)

    • Doug tells Andy that he agrees with your statement. Just ytesterday, he sent four photos to his laptop through his phone, and two made it, no problem, two (the ones that completed the story) locked up inb “loading” mode. After much fussing around and failures left and right, since this was a Microsoft issue (1!!), a backdoor way invented to send them to Facebook (my “Story”) then downloading them from that spot to my photo file on my PC, then loading them onto my blog “Media” file, something clicked: I was able to send a photo instantly to my laptop “download” file from my smart phone. I still have no idea what i did, so the next time it locks up like that, I will find none of the things I tried before is the solution, just something new and unknown, again! HELP!

    • Me, too. I had another bout of sync problems putting tomorrow’s post together. It always seems to screw up on the last photo or two in the sequence. You know, the “tuh duh” part that really needs to be there to make the biggest sense. PISSES ME OFF! Oddly, it will allow me to save to my Facebook page, which requires a bit of screwing around above and beyond the email way. Of course!

    • You got that right, Michel! The thing I dislike about sorting through Google issues is there are so many steps that take you away from the “page” where you’re working that it is easy to lose track of what you are trying to do!

  1. I dumped everything Google I could find from my computers years ago, want nothing to do with that beastly company. I use Duck Duck Go and a VPN these days… Andy is so cute sitting nin the box!

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