Post 847: a happy discovery…!

“What’s this…?”

Andy investigates!

Andy investigates!

'Woohoo! 'NIP!

‘Woohoo! ‘NIP!”
Andy has a party in his nose.

10 thoughts on “Post 847: a happy discovery…!

  1. Andy, didn’t your dad tell you that you must never do nip alone. You’ll get a bad reputation. Shoko has a few friends that are nipoholics and its not pretty Andy. They slobber for it….just like woofies slobber. The look in their eyes is terrifying. Living along the Lane has shown us some rare scenes. MOL

    Kitty kisses,


    • Actually, Andy and Dougy react fairly mildly to nip compared with many cats. They get a little excited and wolf it down, but they don’t generally do funny things.

    • My boys don’t talk with me after flea treatment, either. I’;m not sure what so awful about it other that it is a liquid. They both act like I’m putting sulfuric acid on them! (I got some on my skin accidentally once, and it was like water — no sensation other than wetness. Of course, I washed it off!)

      • I put front line on Ali and she ran around crying and I had to give her a bath. I am sure it burned her skin. Now I use advantage and no problem except she hates the feeling of it on the top of her head once a month.

        • Yeah! What is it about the stuff? Like I said, it was just like water when I accidentally got some on my skin, yet both Andy and Dougy act like it is a terrible pain-causing stuff.

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